Samsung galaxy tab 2 7.0

Finally Samsung have released the long awaited update to the first Samsung Galaxy Tab. The Samsung Galaxy tab 2 7.0 is here with improved specifications and super screen.

By Chris Messenger | Published 16/08/2012

The Good


New and improved Android OS 4.0.3


Super bright capacitive touchscreen


Support for micro sd cards up to 64GB


Inexpensive for a tablet

The Bad


Too many Samsung pre installed apps


Middle of the road specs, Nothing special


No 3G. Limited to Wifi


Two very average cameras


Good news: the tablets are coming down in price in a big way! Lately, it seems that if a new PC gets whacked out onto the market on Monday, then by Tuesday it will have dropped about £50. At this rate, by the time the weekend rolls around, we’ll all have one, hurrah! But does this simply mean that the tablets in question aren’t much cop? We dispatched our cheeky chappie reviewer to find out...


The Android OS is smart and user-friendly and the whole system feels generally intuitive and comfortable.

The Specs

8GB is a perfectly respectable memory. Why, if I had 8GB of memory, I’d be able to remember important dates like Mother’s Day, my anniversary and my girlfriend’s birthday.


Running Android 4.0 (or as it is also, bizarrely, known: ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ – don’t ask) and therefore having access to some 40,000 apps, super fast run time and an improved user interface means that this thing is pretty good value for money indeed.


However, the Galaxy Tab 2 has clearly been designed as a ‘fun’ tablet rather than a ‘work’ one.


Why do I say this? Well, all the computer’s primary functions are clearly being made with an emphasis on ‘fun’. Samsung’s Music Hub gives the user access to 17 Million songs; the Video Hub offers over 1000 films for rent or purchase and elsewhere you can gain access to some 2.3 Million e-Books, 2000 newspapers and 35000 magazines (all in multiple languages). Add to this the voice messaging, video call and instant messaging functions and you’ll be much too busy reading magazines, listening to music, watching movies and chatting to your mates to get anything done at all.


The design is sleek and futurist, with an appealing silver frame and a crystal clear (1024 x 600 resolution) 7-inch screen. It also makes use of a 1.06GHz Application Processor with PowerVR SGX540, ensuring that you’ll be getting a machine that can handle all this fun without getting partied out and dying, Slurms McKenzie style, in your arms on your way to work.



The Price

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is available at under £200. In what is becoming a very welcome trend, high quality tablets from top makers are routinely being sold at very reasonable prices indeed. For this bargain-basement price, you really can’t fault it.


The Galaxy Tab 2 has clearly been designed as a ‘fun’ tablet rather than a ‘work’ one.

The Performance

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 looks nice, runs swiftly and is easy to use. A smooth operation from start to finish, this is one of the best ‘hobby’. In fact, its better than most of the more ‘serious’ ones too. Don’t get me wrong, there are better tablets in the price range, but as tablets go, this is both a bargain and a winner.


The Android OS is smart and user-friendly and the whole system feels generally intuitive and comfortable. You feel like you’re ‘interacting’ with it as opposed to simply ‘using it’. Media content plays well, although it is occasionally interrupted. The key thing not to do is fill the memory up with all the many downloadable options you now have.


What Over Users Say

In a brilliant beginner’s review, Amazon customer ‘Crookedmouth’ gives a comprehensive rundown of everything a new tablet user will need to know before setting this particular tablet up. The review itself is packed full of useful information and thoughtful asides aimed at guiding even the most inexperienced user. This clear, (but hardly concise!) review gives a 5/5 score and is a must-read for anyone who has yet to use a tablet PC.


Hormonal imbalance is implied when you refer to a Samsung product as ‘Sammy’ but nevertheless ‘Mr. A Fisher’ offers a detailed and personal customer review, giving ‘Sammy’ a decent 4/5 score in the process. ‘Graham Murphy’ posted a short 5/5 review, praising (amongst other things) the quality of e-Books and the connectivity of the WiFi.


Despite writing with all the panache of The Incredible Hulk posting an irate Facebook status, ‘Neil Pennington’ gave a clear and comfortable 5/5 review, citing, amongst other things, the ease of downloading and installing content.


Over on the negative side, ‘Apiarist1958’ gave a 3/5 review, stating the lack of headphones and generally slow running as his/her reasons. Tom (2/5) criticized the Internet for being slow, while ‘Kd’ (despite mainly liking this tablet) was annoyed that you cannot transfer any downloaded apps onto SD card, which I agree is annoying.


Our Verdict

Overall, this is a pretty great tablet. The budget price, together with fairly up to date specs, user friendly design and mountain of entertaining possibilities and options, combine to make this a very solid purchase indeed. The silver frame sets it apart from its peers in terms of design and the smooth running and general reliability all add up to a first rate product.



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